Indian miniature paintings trail

The Miniature Painting gallery at the National museum houses 17000 beautiful Indian miniatures. What stories do they tell? While you marvel at the painting of a royal wedding procession, we will tell you about the terrible tragedy that followed; one that altered the course of Indian history. We’ll explore the symbolism in Jain Mandalas and […]

Veeramakaliamman temple trail

Take a walk around the Veeramakaliamman temple in the heart of Singapore. You’ll see colourful idols of Hindu Gods, many ardent devotees and quite a few customs that may defy understanding at first glance. Who ARE these Gods? And when DID Hinduism get to Singapore? Did you know that this temple is dedicated to one […]

Kapaleeshwara temple trail

This trail is a walk around the Kapaleeshwara in Mylapore. As Indian temples go, this one is not very ancient. But it is a very popular temple in Chennai and is a great place to observe everyday rituals from close quarters. As you walk around this colourful temple, you will discover that every sight you […]