Veeramakaliamman temple trail

Take a walk around the Veeramakaliamman temple in the heart of Singapore. You’ll see colourful idols of Hindu Gods, many ardent devotees and quite a few customs that may defy understanding at first glance. Who ARE these Gods? And when DID Hinduism get to Singapore? Did you know that this temple is dedicated to one of the most fearsome Goddesses in the world? What’s her story? Join us as we uncover stories of Hindu Gods and demons, and stories of age-old Hindu customs and traditions.

90 mins
Timing & Ticketing

The Veeramakaliamman temple is open from 530 AM to 12 PM and from 4 PM to 930 PM on all days of the week.


All are welcome into the temple.

Before You Go
This is a place of worship, so please dress conservatively. It is advisable to keep your shoulders and knees covered.
You will have to take off your footwear at the counter outside before you enter the temple. You can keep your socks on. Even carrying footwear in your bags into the temple is not permitted.
Photography is permitted inside the temple. However, pointing cameras directly at the idols of Gods is generally frowned upon in some Hindu temples.
  • Look for the shrine of Periachi Amman considered to be one of the scariest Goddesses in the world.
  • The temple is a great place to watch everyday Hindu customs and rituals from close quarters.

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