DakshinChitra trail

Take a walk through Dakshinachitra, a museum of heritage houses from South India. A museum of HOUSES! Each house once lived in and much loved, and each house a treasure trove of stories, just waiting to be told. They tell stories of the rich diversity of lifestyles in South India – from the spoken language to the way society is ordered. They give you a glimpse into the lives of  people who lived in these houses, the Gods they worshipped and the customs they followed. You’ll see how each house was built to be harmonious with the local geography, and how each house supported the occupation of the community that lived within. Come explore Dakshinachitra, the living museum, and listen to stories – of art, culture and lifestyles of South India.

140 mins
Timing & Ticketing

DakshinaChitra is open from 10am to 6pm six days of the week. It is closed on Tuesdays. The museum stays open on all national holidays except on Diwali day.


You will have to buy a ticket to enter the museum. There are different rates for Indians and for foreign visitors. The applicable rates are:


Adult: Rs. 110/- (Festivals and Weekends – Rs. 130/-)
Child (5-12yrs): Rs. 40/-
Student (13-18yrs): Rs. 60/-


Adult: Rs. 250/-
Students (Below 18yrs): Rs. 70/-


Photography is permitted inside the museum. There is a camera ticket:

Camera: Rs. 25/-
Video Camera/ SLR / Professional Camera: Rs. 150/-

Before You Go
East Coast Road, Muttukadu, Chengalpet District – 600 118 Phone: 044 27472603
Limited parking is available at the museum. Parking charges: Rs. 25/- for cars and Rs. 35/- for vans.
Nearest Bus Stop
MGM Dizzee world bus stop (200 m away)
  • The DakshinaChitra Museum was opened in 1996 as a living museum of South Indian art, crafts, architecture and lifestyles. At DakshinaChitra, you can explore 18 heritage houses, amble along recreated streetscapes, explore contextual exhibitions, interact with typical village artisans and witness folk performances set in an authentic ambience. DakshinaChitra literally means – “a picture of the south”.

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