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Murugappa Group

The Murugappa Group (Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company) partnered with Storytrails to develop an audio tour for DakshinaChitra Heritage Museum in Chennai, as part of their CSR initiatives. The audio tour showcasing South Indian customs and lifestyles has been live since November 2019.


National Museum, New Delhi

Storytrails was invited by the National Museum, New Delhi to develop an audio tour for the Indian miniature paintings gallery at the museum. This audio tour was successfully launched in June 2019. The museum has now requested for the tour to be extended to additional galleries.


Government Museum, Egmore

Storytrails was invited by the Department of Museums, Tamil Nadu to develop audio tours for the Government Museum, Egmore. The audio tour of the stone sculpture galleries was launched in November 2018. The tour has been running successfully since then with excellent feedback. The Museum has now requested for an audio tour covering the entire Museum.

Why Partner With Us?


The audio tours specifically focus on enhancing the visitor experience and takeaways at Museums and monuments across India - an aspect that often gets overlooked in most infrastructure projects at such spaces.

Unique content

Effective presentations revolve around great storytelling. The audio tours and video series attempt to make insightful information accessible and relatable to the layperson, using a story-based approach that helps them cut through the clutter.


These audio tours and videos are scripted and produced by a team that has designed award-winning tours and curated local experiences across many cities. All content is vetted by a panel of leading historians and subject-matter-experts. Storytrails has honed its art in this field for over fourteen years, being among the pioneers of the format in the travel industry.

Quick turnaround

The audio tours app is live with multiple installations and the videos have already crossed a basic threshold with over 3000 subscribers and tens of thousands of views. The time taken to create, produce and upload new content and amplify its reach is therefore very short.

Best-in-class feature set

The audio tours app is state-of-the-art with a feature set that includes Location-based triggering, offline support, QR code support, Clickable map interface, and Navigation information. It is suited for both indoor and outdoor tours. The app is into its third iteration, constantly refined by user feedback.


By their very nature, these tours are scalable and can serve any number of visitors (and locals) at the same time. The scope of the project includes regular updates to the content and technology, keeping it relevant and effective through the span of this project.

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