The Best of Egmore Museum, Chennai

This audio tour takes you through the best stories from the Egmore Museum, the second oldest museum in India. Navigate through the world’s oldest Buddhist art collection, priceless bronze sculptures from the Chola era, souvenirs from the earliest settlements in South India and a lot more.

Indian miniature paintings trail

The Miniature Painting gallery at the National museum houses 17000 beautiful Indian miniatures. What stories do they tell? While you marvel at the painting of a royal wedding procession, we will tell you about the terrible tragedy that followed; one that altered the course of Indian history. We’ll explore the symbolism in Jain Mandalas and […]

Kapaleeshwara temple trail

This trail is a walk around the Kapaleeshwara in Mylapore. As Indian temples go, this one is not very ancient. But it is a very popular temple in Chennai and is a great place to observe everyday rituals from close quarters. As you walk around this colourful temple, you will discover that every sight you […]